We met the Radcliffes not too long after we moved to town. They had also just recently moved here. Chase had a similar job to Owen, just at another company. They met at an industry event and really hit it off because they had a lot in common career-wise and had both just moved to the area for their careers. They easily became friends, and before long, they decided their wives had a lot in common too and should meet. We met up for a double date one weekend and that’s when Owen and I met Chase’s wife Marie.

Marie and I immediately became friends. We soon were talking to each other at least once a day and getting together at least once a week for coffee or shopping. Owen and Chase also talked often throughout the week about work things and often joined committees and planned or participated in industry events together. Our kids, all around preteen ages, got along well. We did things together as families or couples almost every weekend, from going out for dinner, to mini weekend adventures, to quiet movie nights at home.

About a year into our friendship, Marie dropped a bomb into our lives at one of our coffee chats.

We’ve been talking for a while, but I can tell something is on Marie’s mind. She takes a deep breath, as if gathering up the last of her courage before diving in. “Millie, you’re my best friend, and I love having you in my life. Both Chase and I just love you and Owen.” She looks at me with big eyes and smiles warmly.

I feel my stomach roll. This is starting to sound like the beginnings of a breakup or some bad news. Oh no, they’re moving away!

“We trust you and we would like to share a secret with you.” She pauses, drops her eyes to her coffee mug, and begins fidgeting with the handle.

Oh they’re pregnant! Immediately my mind wanders. What will a baby do to our group?

She interrupts my spiraling by blurting out, “We want to become swingers.” She exhales another big breath. “We’ve both had this fantasy for awhile.” She pauses again, this time making eye contact with me.

I just stare at her. I’m not sure how to react. We’ve never really talked much about our sex lives. Not deeply really.

Swingers. Like dancing? Oh no, like sleeping with other people! They want to sleep with other people?! What does that mean??? Wait, she said fantasy, so that means they want it for fun? It’s not a marital problem? I’m. So. Confused. And curious. And worried? No, not worried, I don’t think.

My mind is obviously racing and confused by all the implications of this news.

She has started fidgeting with her mug handle again when she says, “We were wondering if you would be interested in sleeping with Chase to get this started.” Another pause. “We trust you guys and think this could work between us.”

She wants me to have sex with her husband?!?! What? Huh?! … Ewww! … Really, me? I’m flattered. … SERIOUSLY?! Do you want to ruin our friendship? … Chase IS kind of hot. …

My face must look terrified, because she reaches over and puts her hand on top of mine. “I trust you.”

Trusts me? With what?

I can’t think of how to reply. A seemingly large amount of time passes. Eventually I get my wits together enough to say, “Thank you for thinking of me. I’m going to have to think about this.”

“Of course. Talk it over with Owen and let us know.”

Oh so they want Owen to know. That feels better.

“Okay. Um, I’ll talk to Owen.”

I offer some inane excuse to leave, and we part company after a quick goodbye.

I sit in my car a long while before starting it and heading home. I feel terrified and shocked and anxious and a little turned on? I’m not even really thinking but just feeling all of the emotions. The rest of the day is completely wasted because my mind finally begins processing and is wandering a million directions with all of this swinging stuff. I spend most of my time coming up with questions I need answered and wondering what Owen will think or feel or say.

I can’t bring it up to Chase until we are getting ready for bed, because it was a typical after-school night with dinner and kids and no one-on-one time.

“You’ll NEVER guess what happened to me today!”

Always the comic, Owen says, “.

“Man, you nailed it,” I say sarcastically. “But for real, Marie told me they want to start swinging.” Pause. “And she asked if I would fuck Chase to start.”

Not surprisingly, Owen doesn’t visibly react. “Woah, seriously? That’s cool.”

“What’s cool?”

“That they want you and Chase to fuck. “

“Really? You’re okay with that? You didn’t even really take time to think about it. “

Owen walks over to me and puts his hands on my hips. “It’s actually kind of hot. “ He gives me his turned-on kiss.

“I’m surprised. I’ve been thinking about it all day and coming up with so many questions. “

“Like what?”

I spend some time laying out my questions and thoughts. He shares his concerns and ideas, too. I tell him that it both scares me and turns me on.

At this point we are in bed under the covers. He reaches over and feels my pussy, and comments, “You’re wet! You’re getting turned on thinking about this!”

I reach for his dick and discover that it is hard. “We both are!”